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Bakshi Ka Talab in Lucknow Situated on the main Sitapur Road, it is probably the larget and most glamorous Talab (Water tank) of Lucknow. It was constructed by the then Raja Tripur Chandra Bakshi during the period of Badshah Amjad Ali Shah in the year 1840. The great tank has three temples in its vicinity and is said to have a beautiful garden called Shahi Bagh.

Raja Tripur Chand Bakshi was an erstwhile war co-ordinator of Nawab Amjad Ali Shah of Lucknow (Awadh) during the period 1842 to 1845. Tis beautiful ancient heritage structure is a unique example of ‘Shahi Talab’ (Royal Pond) with ghats on four sides of the pond and eight historical tombs. In addition, you may see two Krishna and Shiva temples situated on the ‘talab’ campus. Devotees come from far off areas to worship in these age old temples.

Lucknow has been witness to brotherhood and frideship undeterred even by major incidents as the demolition of Babri Masjid. In Bakshi Ka Talab locality you will notice a very unique way of life. Here two imminent personalities of different communities , way back in 1972, started the Ram Lila, which has become an unshakable base for the bonds of love and natural harmony between residents of Lucknow. These two great personalities are a local medical practitioner and his friend who jointly started the Ram Lila in 1972 to establish strong base for communal amity and harmony.

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