La Martiniere College- Constantia - Lucknow

Lucknow is famous for its historical, splendid buildings and monuments. These are quite special in architecture and style. One of them is the La Martiniere School building near Gomti river. It is one of the most magnificent buildings,constructed in eighteenth century in Lucknow. While some other imposing structures had been periodically added to it, the main centre-point is “Constantia”, which was the country house of Major-General Claude Martin. Major General Claude Martin arrived India from Lyons and spent the best part of his life in Lucknow,UP, India. His home in Lucknow, 'Constantia' probably a most liked tourist attraction of this City for its excellent architecture and history, now houses  La Martiniere College, Lucknow, founded in the year 1840 acording to his Will.

If you ever visit to Lucknow, kindly do have a look at this excellent art. You will love to know more about it. 
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